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Criminal Justice Degree

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Advance Your Career with a Criminal Justice Degree
The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program from Penn State World Campus allows you to stay on the job, maintain your career advancement, and still take care of the other commitments in your life.
Most federal, state, and corporate employment opportunities in this field require at least a bachelor’s degree. If you want to specialize in a field of criminal justice or advance in your career, it’s imperative that you upgrade your knowledge and skills. Penn State’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice can give you the tools to lead, serve, and protect our local, state, and national interests.
Why a Criminal Justice Degree Online from Penn State
The Penn State World Campus online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program, which has its academic home at Penn State Harrisburg, is the first online program in the nation to be awarded certification through the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. This certification underscores the high praise that the online program receives for quality criminal justice instruction. You can feel confident that this program fits your needs and is renowned throughout the industry.
Gain Innovative Skills to Surmount Challenges
These career-enhancing criminal justice courses balance the theoretical and practical aspects of crime control as they relate to both adult and juvenile justice. The course work covers:
introduction to law, policing, and corrections in America
ethics in criminal justice
security and police administration
alternatives to incarceration
aspects of the juvenile justice system
concepts of social science research
Courses in this program can help you prepare for work in policing, courts, law, and corrections, as well as with crime-related populations ranging from abuse victims to substance-addicted offenders.
Who Should Apply?
If you want to become a leader, whether in law enforcement, security management, corrections, court administration, or crime prevention, this degree program is for you. It is an ideal choice if you are just beginning to earn a degree in criminal justice — or if you already have academic credits or an associate degree in the field.


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